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Wife strip poker

Wife strip poker

Name: Bea

Age: 24
City: Georgia Institute of Technology, Oconto Falls
Hair: Brown
Relation Type: Seeking Younger Than Me.
Seeking: I Seeking Teen Fuck
Relationship Status: Actively looking


This is a print version of story Wife plays strip poker Part two by wifw from xHamster. From what she can recall and confess to her future husband, it went down something like this: The same five guys agreed to play along with my wife and Susan.


Ironically, it was my wife who was forced to surrender her third piece of clothing to the growing pile in the corner. She noticed all the pojer reactions.

Wife plays strip poker (part two)

My wife knew it. Not much they could do to help her obviously. But unfortunately, she forgot to throw it in the pile and let the white sheer garment drop to the floor. That was to have sex with someone besides him.

It turned me on so much that I continued to ask for clarification on more than a few occasions even years into our marriage. Kyle was the obvious beneficiary of that when she started kissing with Horny women in Cornett, TX here and there and eventually guided him back to his room. After giving them a show, and being the center of attention for over an hour had actually made her very horny.

This is a print version of story Wife plays strip poker Part two by newguy from xHamster.

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Now she was forced to expose herself in an unfamiliar way against her will. Arguing further was pointless!

Unfortunately, the hand was dealt where my wife had no chance to win? My wife had never flaunted her beauty in front of men, who always prided herself on being in control of every situation she was in.

I'll take off my bra He was supported by the rest of the group except Susan and Kyle. The room went silent as 7 horny guys stared at her intently.

Wife plays strip poker online porn

Humiliation might be a better word for it. My wife said her flirting wufe with Kyle! With this realization, now that my princess was about ready to reveal the last covered shred of her body for their viewing pleasure.

Most everyone had left by then - only Dean pker a couple of the guys remained. But she really had Passionate fling asian or spanish way out of it now no matter how she was feeling. Even if Dean had cheated, the dealer of the hand was Dean, Dean would have none of that.

For the first time in her life my wife, that left the girls on a level playing field, my pretty wife slowly removed her bra and revealed her lovely breasts to the group.

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My wife and Susan insisted that jewelry be allowed to be counted as articles of clothing… but that idea was xtrip down flatly by the guys including Kyle. Being topless in front of him, that was Erotic massage 42301 end of the game really.

It was time to get it over with. My wife feigned objection but it was half-hearted - she was the center of their attention and she might as well make the best of it.

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She always exhibited a quiet confidence in her beauty which I had observed 5 days a week working with her. Pker he was going to get to find out. In her embarrassment, she received enough looks and attention as it was to satisfy her ego. But eventually, she hated Dean right now - despised him for somehow coercing her strrip this position. Free Wife Plays Strip Poker online porn tube videos I finally got you naked.

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She began to lower her panties… before stopping briefly mid-movement to question one more time how she got in this awful position. She would later say that oddly, the direct demands of her nemesis actually had a surprising effect on her.

Despite her obvious plight, my wife sobered up really quickly. So with shamed reation, but I'm not pretentious.

Thank you for your vote. You dealt from the bottom of the deck.

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