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MetroPCS Phones- In the present era, the company is famous under the brand name Metro by T-Mobiles. It is a prepaid wireless company. It is a brand owned by T-Mobiles US. It has operated World’s fifth largest service (telecommunication network) in the United States of America, using the code of ‘Code Division Multiple Access’. In September 2018, Metro by T-Mobiles announced to re-launch its brand and claims to provide 5G.

They accompany various subscriptions and offers like such as, ‘Amazon Prime’ and ‘Google One storage’ and many others. It’s headquartered is in Richardson, Texas, Us. Its founders are Roger. D. Linquist and Malcolm Lorang. Its president is Thomas C. The area served by this telecommunication service is limited to the United States. Service can be attained by logging in to their website “”

Metropcs phones
Metropcs phones

Metro pcs Phones-Metropcs Phones bill pay

Metro Personal Communication Services’ publically known as MetroPCS, was established by Roger Linquist in 1994. It was a telecommunication brand at that time. In October 2012, the company signed an agreement with T-Mobiles and the two companies merged while providing its customers’ a wide and unlimited variety of offers and subscriptions which were not introduced before.

These offers were without any hidden charges. MetroPCS was reversely merged with T-Mobiles in 2013 to provide 4G and LTE network to its users.

How to Login to MetroPCS?

Step 1: Enter your metroPCS mobile number.

Step 2: Here you will enter your account pin.

Step 3: When you will log in for the first time, you will receive a code containing some digits.

Step 4: You will be asked some security questions, after answering them you can easily sign in to your MetroPCS account.

MetroPCS Services:

MetroPCS offers a wide variety of services. The major service this company provides includes;

  1. MetroPCS Cell phones
  2. MetroPCS Bill payment
  3. MetroPCS Bill pay.
  4. MetroPCS Customer Services.

Apart from this major bunch of services, MetroPCS provides many other facilities, to its valued customers.

1-MetroPCS Cell phones:

MetroPCS provides a new variety of cell phones. Innovation, speed, new technology and style is just a step away from the customer; yes its only MetroPCS that enables its customers to have to distinguish featured cell phones at affordable prices. With MetroPCS, All That Glitters Is Purely Gold Now. MetroPCS brings forth a wide variety of stylish mobiles which are quite inexpensive and incomparable in performance.

In comparison with a lush variety of heavy budget mobiles, MetroPCS brings forth the latest technology; which not only saves customer budget but customer data usage as well. The sophisticated and elegantly fashionable variety of MetroPCS includes

  • LG Stylo 4
  • LG Aristo 2
  • LG K20 plus
  • Q710MS MetroPCS
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII MetroPCS.

Metro PCS Phones Plans and Deals:

We all are aware of various data and network providing companies in the world. Metro PCS incorporates its services with various mobile handset manufactures company and offers its packages of data and calling facility with high definition HD screens and smart designing of big brands mobile phones. Metro PCS offers phones like Alcatel 1X Evolve, LG Aristo3, Moto Play, LG K20 plus, LG Aristo2 Black, etc.

The phones are also available with the model of companies like Samsung, Cool Pad, ZTE, I phone and other. This provides you meet all need of using a phone with the latest design and model with relatively cheaper Tariff plan and unlimited data use. Thus satisfying your entire requirement for an instance.

The Metro PCS phones have matched all the satisfying criteria of its parent company T mobile and provide a good LTE speed with a good carrier performance without any network congestion and data wastage. Metro PCS phones really give you great customer experience with unlimited data plans with different level of cloud storage with limits with 100 GB cloud storage, if chosen. We hope Metro PCS provides great discounts when it comes to select for phones and offers big data savings with high brands of phones.

You can buy these phones from stores and Amazon in case you want to buy it online or else through official site of Metro PCS

Apart from wonderful data plans and unlimited calling and networking facility Metro PCS also provides various services for payment through Metro PCS payment and services like Metro PCS pay bills.

Features and Specifications of MetroPCS Phones Plans and Deals:

  • It has almost 32 million users in the United States.
  • Adaptable, cooperative and manageable services are provided to its customer.
  • It is the top brand which is giving high-speed internet as well as fast and approachable customer services to its users.
  • Customer can easily approach their history. Customer can detect calls, texts, and other services.
  • The official website brings forth a handful of opportunity for the customers to search and adopt their favorite deals, subscriptions’ and offers.
  • Metro team sponsors the new deals and subscriptions’ according to the country as well as company events. Its user gets special deals, benefits, offers, and subscriptions on different festivals. The MetroPCS teams upgrades deal every week and bring forth a new variety of customer service which is quick, easily approachable and adaptable as well.
  • MetroPCS places different offers at an affordable price. For example, the iPhones are available at the official website of MetroPCS at a considerably cheaper price. Similarly, many other products are on the deal and the company sells its products in a very productive and charming way.
  • Different brands with affordable prices are available at MetroPCS, so what is a customer waiting for? Just grab a customer favorite products from the Metropcs official websiteorder it online and get customer order or delivery at customer doorstep. Customer satisfaction is the company’s priority. Customers always come first at the company’s priority list.

With MetroPCS; Get the phone, the customer has eyes upon:

Metro ensures quality as well as customer choice. At the MetroPCS website, customer can get every brand and can choose any phone of customer choice. The range of phone covers all brands including iPhones, LG, Samsung, and Motorola.

MetroPCS iPhones:

The range of iPhones is available on the official website of MetroPCS. Customer can choose the phone of customer choice with a single click. This Metro pcs phones have the latest or classiest, smartest or fastest, largest or smallest; Customer’s choice is always a priority of every new customer.

All that company ensures is; availability of the required product in the desired way. The range of iPhones include iPhone Xs (dual camera 12 and 7MP) and iPhone X with 5.8 super retina display and 64 GB ROM, Apple iPhone 8 plus (5.5 Retina HD display, dual cameras 12 + 7 mp, 64 GB Rom), Apple iPhone 6s ( with 4.7 Retina HD display, dual camera 12+5 mp and 32 GB ROM) and many more.

MetroPCS Android:

Customers can, now, choose from thousands of Android mobiles with the help of MetroPCS. MetroPCS presents a contemporary, up-to-date and trendsetting collection of phones comprising al big brands of Android, for example, Samsung, LG, and Motorola phone. The selection of the highest range to lowest is also available for customer’s ease.

MetroPCS Free Phones:

MetroPCS is offering many types of services like some text, calls and internet services deals. These deals start from 30 dollars and range up to 100 dollars. To add more spice to the deal, the company is offering free phones of the customer’s own choice when the customer will sign up for the first time. The range of these phones includes iPhone as well as Android mobiles.

MetroPCS universal sim card:

Customer can keep his phone, number and can lose the contract with MetroPCS. With the help of MetroPCS sim card kit, customer can enjoy the benefits of their own phone and all data, conversations, and chats that customer wants. All the plans with plans start with30 dollar per month charges. The package provides Inc a nano, a micro sim card adapter as well as standard sim card adapter.

2- MetroPCS Bill Payment:

One of the specific services that MetroPCS renders to its valued customers is an online billing system. This latest update is very helpful for busy customers who cannot spend hours and hours while standing in queues and waiting for their turn to pay the bills. Bill payment is just at a click’s distance. With the help of a single click, customer can pay the bill via MetroPCS’s online payment system

MetroPCS Bill Payment online Procedure:

Step 1: All our valued customer has to do is, to get signed in on the official website of MetroPCS.

Step 2: Click the “Bill Payment” option present on the corner of the web page.

Step 3: Enter all the account and security details and get customer bills paid at a single click.

3-MetroPCS Bill Pay Online:

Customers can pay bill online through MetroPCS Bill pay service. MetroPCS presents two kinds of setups for bill payment. The first method is without signing in and the other needs logging in procedure.

Steps for Bill pay service without signing in:

For this purpose; customer will enter customer MetroPCS phone number and will confirm it through the prescribed method.

Steps for Bill pay service after Logging in:

If a customer opts the second option i.e. pays the bill through online service for that purpose customer has to follow the following steps:

Step 1: The customer has to log in first and will pay after logging in.

Step 2:  Customers will enter their MetroPCS mobile phone number as well as their account PIN, after that they can log in. The customer can then proceed to make the payment while logged in.

Step 3: When customer will open the MetroPCS website, at the top of the website’s main menu bar, different options will be there.

Step 4: Customer will click the ‘payment’ option from the main menu.

Step 5: After clicking the payment option, the customer will enter the MetroPCS phone number and will confirm it.

Step 6: After that customer will enter the credit or debit card details (number/name and payment amount etc) and will confirm the payment amount. After following all these instructions and process, the customer will have complete the transaction.

4-MetroPCS Customer Services:

MetroPCS customer service provides multiple services to its customers. It includes

  • MetroPCS provides Number tracing services to its customer.
  • MetroPCS brings forth Number changing services to its new customers.
  • MetroPCS offers online complaint services to its customers.
  • MetroPCS render number blocking services to its customers.

Changing Number to MetroPCS:

Customers can change their numbers to MetroPCS, anytime and anywhere. All customers have to do is to go to the official website of MetroPCS or follow some simple steps:

Step 1: Call to customer service center 888-8metro8 or dial 611 from customer MetroPCS phone. The Automatic voice system will respond and customer.

Step 2:  All customers have to do is to follow the given instructions. When customer will be asked what customer like to do, switch to “Change My Number”.

Step 3: Follow the given instructions. Once customer will go through the instructions; customer phone will automatically be powered off and then back on after getting automatically programmed.

Step 4:  Alive security agent will assist the customer to complete customer security information to eliminate the risk factor.

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In the same manner, all customer services can be acquired by calling at their official number or simply logging in to their official website.

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